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29 Jul

North Carolina Teachers of the Year build team at NCCAT

OCRACOKE - North Carolina's 2021 Burroughs Wellcome NC Teachers of the Year joined the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching for "Teacher Leadership Institute: Teacher of the Year" in Ocracoke July 8-12.

Blending Learning Experience with Teachers in Ocracoke

Thank you to these educators for their work during "A Blended Learning Experience" in Ocracoke. This program offered a different way to introduce and read books with students. Participants took part in a book immersion as a group and learned how to put together a book immersion for students in the science classroom.

Ecosystems and Environmental Science at Ocracoke

Wonderful group with us for "Ecosystems and Environmental Science" in Ocracoke. They joined us along with The Science House, Catawba College, and the NC State Climate Office in Ocracoke for an exciting week of science to add to their teacher toolbox.
27 Apr


Develop an understanding for the critical science approach in counseling and mental health. Learn how to integrate the critical science systems of action into classroom instruction to help students develop the critical thinking skills to find resolutions to the mental health perennial problem.

11 Apr

Registration open for "A Blended Learning Experience"

Blended learning offers teachers the opportunity to reimagine teaching and learning. Teachers can partner with their students to assess, track, and reflect on learning. With integrated face-to-face and online learning experiences, students can dive deeper into a book and see connections to other subject areas.

27 Mar

Join NCCAT to study Ecosystems and Environmental Science

As teachers, it is our responsibility to give the next generation of global citizens the tools they need to understand science issues. Join The Science House, Catawba College, and the NC State in Ocracoke for an exciting week delving into science. We will be utilizing tools and protocols developed by scientists to look at changes occurring on the island.

Expanding Your Technology Toolbox program in Ocracoke

Great group of teachers joined us for "Expanding Your Technology Toolbox: Getting The Most Out of Digital Learning" in Ocracoke. Thank you for being with us!

Participants explored digital tools as students to best determine how to use them effectively as teachers, they will leave NCCAT with a virtual toolbox of new techniques to take back to the classroom.

Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers in Ocracoke

What an amazing week with "Literacy Strategies For Specialist Teachers" in Ocracoke. In this program, teachers investigated ways to integrate literacy instruction into their content area by collaborating, exploring and creating literacy activities and/or lessons that they can take back and employ with their students. Thank you!
02 Aug

North Carolina Teachers of Year Take Part in NCCAT Teacher Leadership Institute

OCRACOKE—North Carolina’s 2017–2018 Teachers of the Year joined the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching to examine educational leadership and positive responses to institutional change.

Teachers of the Year discovered how to continue growth as an educational professional. True leadership emerges naturally from the integrity and identity of the leader. Participants were able to explore their integrity and selfhood in a community of other dedicated teachers who are embracing leadership in their own lives.

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