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31 Mar

Canvas courses available at NCCAT Online

New courses became available at NCCAT Online including the following ones on Canvas. Canvas, North Carolina’s Learning Management System (LMS), is your place for one-stop learning and course management.

Online courses that start April 1:

Alamance Burlington School teacher ready to use NCCAT Online course in the classroom

We were thrilled to hear these comments from Alamance Burlington School science teacher Jeffrey Gambrell about the NCCAT Online course "The Role of Questioning" designed by NCCAT faculty members Elizabeth Joyce and Amy Jo Spencer. Thank you Jeffrey!

Jeffrey's comments are below.

Digital Citizenship program in Cullowhee

Thank you to teachers who have joined us in Cullowhee for the NCCAT Digital Citizenship program. They are learning how to weave digital citizenship into their curriculum and create lessons that allow students to become more social media savvy.

NCCAT can help teachers catch up with their students on digital learning

We hope you will join us for this opportunity ...

CULLOWHEE—Teachers will acquire new skills for incorporating digital learning into their classroom during the professional development program “Catching Up With Your Students: Digital Learning” April 24–27 in Cullowhee.

23 Feb

NCCAT Canvas progams

Happy Digital Learning Day! Every day is Digital Learning Day at NCCAT. And one of the key parts of that is Canvas Training which is taught by a certified Canvas trainer Elizabeth Joyce.

23 Feb

Monthly Tool Talk - TweenTribune

TweenTribune is a free, not-for-profit online newspaper for students, aged 8–15.

Monthly Tool Talk - Wonderopolis

By Elizabeth Joyce/NCCAT faculty

Wonderopolis is a resource for students who are curious and use their imagination to discover new things. This site is great for building vocabulary, exploring informational texts, and discussing new things.

Click here for video on Wonderopolis.

20 Dec

From NCCAT - The Canvas Connection for Beginning Users

Are you new to Canvas? Would you like to use Canvas but don't know how. NCCAT fan help with Canvas certified trainer Elizabeth Joyce. Check out the program below and join us.

14390 - The Canvas Connection: Beginning Users in Cullowhee

April 24-27

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