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29 Jul

What’s (Not) Happening in Your Literacy Centers

NCCAT faculty member Dr. Deb Teitelbaum had this blog post published recently. Teachers, do you know what's (not) happening in your literacy centers? Deb writes ..

26 Jul

Writing instruction in early grades

Another fantastic writing seminar from NCCAT ...

25 Jul

Exploring writing as a tool for thought

We hope you will join us for this upcoming program ...

30 Jun

NC elementary teachers join us at NCCAT

Elementary teachers may find that “fitting it all in” is impossible! Using informational text and technologies, these elementary teachers from across North Carolina discovered that not only is it possible to “fit it all in” it is fun!

26 May

Literacy Strategies for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

We hope you will join us for this upcoming NCCAT program!

14201 - Literacy Strategies For 21st Century Teaching and Learning - Cullowhee

29 Apr

Reading, Writing, and Ready program in Ocracoke

Thank you to these teachers for join us for "Reading, Writing, And Ready By Third Grade: Early Grades Literacy Instruction." This program provided early grades teachers with a complement of research-based tools and strategies to help answer some of their more burning questions.

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