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14582 • Developing Engagement and Understanding in Middle Grades Math-Cullowhee

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276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee, NC 28723
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During the middle grade years, students transition from concrete to abstract understandings. Developing understanding, not simply rote memorization of concepts, is imperative in these grades. Learn how to create contexts for math concepts that lead students to deep understandings of the why and how of middle grades standards. We will use the new NC Standards, which will be implemented in 2018–2019. Explore the multiple avenues you can use to create lessons that require students to persevere in problem-solving while culminating understanding throughout the lesson progression. Learn creative ways to manage your math class so re-teaching can take place for individualized instruction, and formative assessment can happen routinely. Develop a differentiated math classroom that engages students of all skill levels in lessons and activities that create meaning and application.

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