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15648: NCCAT Foundational Skills Literacy Badge Part 1 Phonological Awareness - Virtual

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For grades K-5


NCCAT will hold a five-session series focused on a research-to-practice exploration of the foundational skills in early literacy. Effective instruction in these fundamental components holds the key to life-long learning for every child in your classroom.

Attend all five and earn an NCCAT literacy badge or attend individual sessions to deepen your own understanding of the building blocks of beginning reading. 


This class will focus on Phonological Awareness. Phonological Awareness  is critical for learning to read any alphabetic writing system (Ehri, 2004; Rath, 2001; Troia, 2004).  There are several well-established lines of argument for the importance of phonological skills to reading and spelling.

Must attend all 3 synchronous virtual sessions.
• Fri. Feb 12 Virtual 2 hours (3 - 5 PM)

• Fri. Feb 19 Virtual 2 hours (3 - 5 PM)

• Fri. Feb 26 Virtual 2 hours (3 - 5 PM)


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