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Bring-your-own-technology: Digital Learning in Cullowhee

The program "Bring-Your-Own-Technology: Digital Learning" is coming up soon in Cullowhee. Join us March 10-13 to take part in this learning opportunity.

In the time between a total implementation of 1:1 technology and the present, many teachers are faced with a charge to integrate technology into the curriculum and the reality that the technology supplied by their schools is not the same sort of technology that their students are using on a daily basis. One answer to this dilemma is that the technology that the students want to bring with them to school can be used as a way to engage them more fully with the materials and the processes. Come and join us to learn more about how a teacher, a school, or a district can more effectively leverage BYOT (sometimes also called BYOD—Bring-Your-Own-Device) in order to meet goals on a budget and to meet your students on common ground.

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