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Join us for "Reading, Writing, and Ready by Third Grade" in April in Cullowhee

We hope you can join us for the upcoming program "Reading, Writing, and Ready by Third Grade." It will be held April 6-9 in Cullowhee.

Here's more about the program ...

"Never in our nation’s history has ability to produce and comprehend written information been more necessary. Unfortunately, literacy instruction is as difficult as it is essential. This program will provide early grades teachers with a complement of research-based tools and strategies to help answer some of their more burning questions: How do I teach “close reading” to students who don’t yet know the alphabet? What level of writing can I attain from children who are still learning to spell? How do I simultaneously provide enrichment for advanced readers and remediation for delayed readers? Finally, how can I integrate reading and writing instruction into all other subject areas? Preference will be given to teachers of grades K–3."

A team of four educators from Guilford County came to the October program. Here's what they had to say about the experience ...

Principal Deborah Parker
“I liked that they differentiated their instruction. They were available in small groups and one on one. It has exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be good and it has been."

Teacher Karen Wallace
“They were very, very knowledgeable. They did not talk to us, but talked with us. They wanted us to be the best teachers we could be. NCCAT is a great place to be.”

Teacher Kristie Hines
“The presenters were very professional and on target with information. I've taken away some good relationships with other teachers from across the state.”

Teacher Brenda Green
“Through this experience we were able to learn ways to help some younger children. These are good skills and strategies to help us build a solid foundation in early grades."

The program number is 13855. Click here to apply!