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Professional Development Programs: Designed for the Needs of Teachers

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NCCAT offers a continuum of professional development unlike any other in the nation, including programs for beginning teachers, interdisciplinary seminars for experienced teachers, and site-based instructional support, including Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards, and leadership training.

With seminar titles such as “Catching Up With Your Students: Navigating Technology for 21st Century Classrooms” and "The Landscape of Democracy: Our National Parks” NCCAT’s instructional programs reflect the broad range of unique professional development topics for public school teachers and other educators. NCCAT provides a comprehensive framework of strategic programming that is grounded firmly in adult learning theory.

Challenging experiential formats, combined with professional learning communities, shape the NCCAT seminar design. NCCAT recognizes that teachers who experience the joy and transformative power of inquiry-based learning will transfer that inspiration to their students. All seminars incorporate the Revised North Carolina Standard Course of Study, utilizing the Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards, and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. Seminar faculty model best practices for application to the 21st century classroom.

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