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Bringing High Quality Project Based Learning to Your Classroom week successful at NCCAT Cullowhee

Group photo of teacher at High Quality Project Based Learning

NCCAT appreciates these teachers for joining us for "Bringing High Quality Project Based Learning to Your Classroom" in Cullowhee. High Quality Project-Based Learning is a pedagogical strategy used by forward thinking educators around the world to inspire students to collaborate, think critically , and share their work. Though many educators have heard about PBL and are excited about it, they struggle to implement it with fidelity in their own classrooms. This program, designed for educators in grades 6-12 of all subjects, including Career and Technical Education, introduced educators to the HQPBL framework and help them create their own PBL units in a high energy, collaborative atmosphere. 

Thanks to these group of educators for being with us for a great week. We look forward to the positive impact they will have on North Carolina students and families.