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Teaching Writing in the High School English Classroom at NCCAT Ocracoke

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Coming September 11-15 in Ocracoke - Teaching Writing in the High School English Classroom. Feedback overload, not enough time, lack of student engagement, and artificial intelligence: all of these factors and more can make the art of teaching writing challenging in a high school classroom. In spite of these challenges, we know that writing well allows students to process and organize their thoughts and feelings and to communicate effectively with a range of audiences. In this seminar, we will examine how to introduce various writing techniques to your students while providing useful, timely feedback that doesn't overwhelm the student or teacher. We will also examine ways to find a balance between utilizing available technology and getting students to write off screen. Participants will practice producing different modes of writing, receiving and giving feedback, and collaborating on best practices for supporting teenage writers. This program is intended for classroom teachers and coaches in grades 9-12.