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NCCAT launches new registration system


The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) has moved to a new Student Management system called Orbund. It will make applying for our programs much easier. Information below will help users with the new system. Thank you for your interest in NCCAT professional development for North Carolina teachers.

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Information about the Orbund Management System: 

1. It is a cloud system 

2. An easy to complete user account form will be required to apply for programs. 

3. You only need to complete the user form once. 

3. Applicants are classified as Students within the system. 

4. Programs or events are called Classes in the system. 

5. You will be able to see a history of the programs you have attended from the time you create your account. 

6. A shopping cart system is used to select the programs for which you wish to apply. 


1. How do I create an account so that I can apply for programs?

A. A link will be available on our website to create your account. Once you complete and submit, you will receive an email with your username, password, link to log into the registration system, and a link to the shopping cart system. 


2. How do I know what programs are available?

A. The calendar on our website will still be available to view the programs. A link to the registration system program listing page will also be available for search and selection of the programs. 

B. You can log into the registration system to your page and click shopping cart on the right side of the page. 


3. Can I search for programs in a particular content area?

A. Yes. Once you are in the shopping cart, you can search by Campus, Department (Content Type), Grade level, and date. 


4. How will I know if I am placed in a program?

A. You will Automatically be placed on the wait and then you will receive an email within two weeks of applying regarding your status. 

B. You can also log into the system with your username and password and click on the Events menu icon on the left of the screen. It will show the programs you are placed in and completed programs. 


5. What if I have issues or questions?

A. When you are logged into the system you can click the Tracking menu on the left, then select the Complaints & Issues item to submit your issues or questions. 

B. You can also email [email protected].


6. What is available on my page when I log in?

A. Any messages or announcements sent to you 

B. The programs you are currently placed in and past programs you have completed.  

C. Schedule of your Classes 

D. Book list 

E. Repository 

F. Correspondences  

G. Files and Documents 

H. Forms you have submitted 

I.   Complaint and issues submitted. 


How to visit the new NCCAT registration system -

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Increasing teacher effectiveness is fundamental to improving public education. NCCAT provides teachers with new knowledge, skills, teaching methods, best practices and information to take back to their classrooms. For more information about NCCAT’s professional development programs, visit or call 828-293-5202.

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