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Shifting the Paradigm: Student-Centered Instructional Coaching program at NCCAT Cullowhee

Group photo of Shifting Paradigm

Educators from across North Carolina joined us for "Shifting the Paradigm: Student-Centered Instructional Coaching" at NCCAT Cullowhee. The work of instructional coaching is a dynamic part of school communities. Supporting coaching cultures where students are at the center is an essential part of this work. Throughout the week, the participants learned coaching moves that create opportunities for professional growth, and suggestions for putting student learning at the forefront. Sessions included models for co-teaching moves, providing strength-based feedback, and high-impact instructional strategies. Time was spent collaborating with coaches from across NC, and learning new ways to connect with teachers and their classrooms.

Thank to these educators for being with us! We look forward to seeing how they positively impact students and families.