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Inspiring Excellence in Math Education! NCCAT in schools

Emily Myers with teachers at event offsite.

NCCAT Senior Math Specialist Emily Myers and other faculty have been working across North Carolina in empowering teachers and transforming math education. Did you know NCCAT can come to your school? NCCAT offers a variety of K-12 school-based programs to public schools and districts across the state. To find out more visit


Below are some of the recent programs Myers has led.


NCCAT Math Badge Success:


·The K-5 and 6-8 NCCAT Math Badge, a four-part series, delves into key elements of high-quality mathematics instruction. Topics include discourse, math manipulatives, number sense, and problem-solving routines.

·In the 2023-2024 academic year, Central Carolina RESA (CCRESA) hosted four Math Badge cohorts, and the Southeast Education Alliance (SEA) hosted one cohort with plans for a second in May.

·Since October 2022, over 230 educators have actively engaged in the NCCAT Math Badge, fostering excellence in math education.


 Building Thinking Classrooms Success:


·"Building Thinking Classrooms" introduces dynamic, research-based instructional practices that actively involve students as mathematical thinkers.

·This innovative approach includes tasks that encourage mathematical thinking while students collaborate in random groups at vertical non-permanent surfaces.

·Randolph County and Kannapolis Middle School have kicked off 2024 with a strong focus on Building Thinking Classrooms with NCCAT.


Outreach Beyond Borders:


·Emily has extended her expertise to diverse platforms, presenting Building Thinking Classrooms at the AIM Conference, NCCTM state math conference, and conducting several residential seminars on the topic.


Emily's dedication and impactful contributions continue to elevate math education in North Carolina. Thanks to her and all our NCCAT faculty for all they do to support teachers and positively impact families and students across the state of North Carolina.


Speaking of Math professional development, the NCCAT Virtual Math Collaborative is coming up July 30-31. A FREE virtual math conference for all North Carolina educators. Click here to apply.