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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from NCCAT! Thank you!

thank you teacher's graphic for teacher appreciation

NCCAT extends warm wishes to all teachers for a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, we're taking the opportunity to express our gratitude through comments from our staff on social media, thanking teachers for their dedication and hard work.

At NCCAT, we believe in appreciating teachers every week, along with this special celebration. Thank you to all educators for your tireless efforts to inspire and educate.

Here are a few of them -

"Mrs. Tolley. You really get to know each other over four years. She was my high school English teacher, and oh my how much I owe to her. Sandra Tolley planted the seed that grew into my love of reading, literature, public speaking, discussion. Mrs. Tolley changed my life in a million ways, and I will forever be in her debt. Rest in peace my first teacher mentor."

Karen Sumner

NCCAT Deputy Executive Director

I’d like to thank one of my high school math teachers, Dan Teague.  As a new student at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, I struggled to transition to the more advanced math courses offered there.  I needed some time to adjust and to learn new study habits.  I’m thankful for Dr. Teague’s patient and enthusiastic approach to teaching math that not only helped me then but that has served as a model for me in my own teaching career.

Jason Lineberger

NCCAT Senior Digital Learning Specialist

For teacher appreciation week, I would have to say the most influential professor I had while I was in college is Ron Poor from Southwestern Community College. For everyone he taught and knew, Ron Poor wasn’t just a teacher but instead an experience. From teaching us Ohm’s Law to reminiscing about life in his younger days, he always knew how to make electrical engineering fun and understandable for all his students. The most memorable moment for me was the importance of safety to Ron, I was soldering a circuit board one class, and he noticed I wasn’t wearing my safety googles, he came up to me and asked “ Mr. Monteith, have you ever seen Ray Charles piano? Neither has he, so put your goggles on” 

Nathan Monteith

NCCAT Building & Environmental Services Tech

I have a couple teachers to thank for the teacher appreciation week!

April Lee:

One of the teachers that was most influential on my education was April Lee in Johnston County Schools. She taught me, my sister, and all my friends during our years at McGees Crossroads Middle School, in addition to coaching our winterguard team. She remained a mentor through high school, and I would now consider her a friend. Today, Mrs. Lee continues to transform lives in Harnett County Schools, as well as the state, through her consistent and fervent advocacy for public school students and teachers.

Karen Collins:

If you were fortunate enough to be taught by Karen Collins, you know just how lucky you were. Mrs. Collins completely changed the way I understood math! She took a subject that can be difficult for students and helped many of us grasp concepts we never would have expected to understand. Taking collegiate level calculus at West Johnston High School is daunting for anyone, but she pushed and encouraged all her students, and I am better for it!

Emily Langdon

NCCAT Development Associate

I have been blessed to have many AMAZING math teachers that have helped shaped my personal and professional journey. From Barbra Jones and June Zurface at SW Snowden Elementary to Tina Petty at Southside High School, these amazing ladies taught me so much more that formulas or equations. They ignited my passion for mathematical thinking which I now have the opportunity to share with others. 

Emily Myers

NCCAT Senior Math Specialist

“It would be impossible to single out one teacher to thank at Ocracoke School.  Learning is communal on Ocracoke and it takes a village to educate the whole child. My high school teachers were patient, influential, and dedicated to their craft. Looking back, I am incredibly thankful for the extraordinary group of educators who encouraged us to learn and grow in our unique environment. To Sandra Winker, Alton Ballance, David Senseney, Kay Riddick, Karen Lovejoy and Ruth Toth … thank you.”

Lena O'Neal

Program Specialist

"Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the amazing teachers out there! I want to give a special shoutout to George Hamrick, my high school government and history teacher. Thank you for bringing to life the intricacies of government, laws, and policies and showing how they impact our daily lives. While I may not have shared your love for the Vanderbilt Commodores, I did catch your passion for civic engagement and responsibility. Here's to you, Mr. Hamrick, and to all the dedicated teachers shaping minds and futures every day. "

Todd Vinyard

Director of Communications

Thank you to these and all wonderful teachers who have meant so much in their students' lives.

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