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Find out why NCCAT is a national leader in the development of outstanding professional programs for public school educators. Research our archives and read the latest media information to keep up with the latest news from NCCAT.

Making Number Talks Work in the K-5 Classroom - Online

Now more than ever we know the importance of routines for students in math instruction. Building students’ number sense should still be an integral part of the math block, even if it has to look a little different. Whether you are new to number talks or looking for resources to refresh your number talks, join NCCAT virtually from 4:00-5:30pm to learn this about this strategy and explore resources. This program is intended for math teachers and instructional coaches in grades K-5.

Yancey County teacher receives NCCAT Educator Scholarship

276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee 28723

Congratulations to Sara-Elizabeth (Sallie) Senseney (right) of Mountain Heritage High School in the Yancey County school district. She received the Marjorie T. and John S. Britt NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship! Ms. Senseney attended "Supporting Instructional Coaches to Lead the Way" at our Cullowhee campus. 

Beginning Teachers: Ready, Set ... Reset With NCCAT

276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee 28723

The first few months of a school year can cause disillusionment for any teacher, but especially for novice educators. During this Focus Friday Session, beginning teachers will examine their current teaching practices in regards to classroom management and identify ways to engage students in learning. In addition, beginning teachers will use data from administrative evaluations and classroom assessments to improve student performance. Come find ways to reset your focus, manage responsibilities, and create joy in the day-to-day art of teaching.

NCCAT Faculty Math Tip and Schedule - Dr. Bonnie Bolado

Dr. Bonnie Bolado, Senior Math Specialist, came to NCCAT after holding a variety of positions in education and serving as a professional development presenter for various educational organizations. Check out a math tip from Dr. Bolado, and apply today to join her for some of the special upcoming Math professional development at NCCAT!

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Differentiating Instruction with Choice Boards and Digital Tools

Join NCCAT to combine two powerful practices, differentiation and digital tools, to create engaging lessons for students in your classroom. This program will explore a framework that ties content, teaching, and digital knowledge together to create standards-aligned choice boards. Participants will learn digital tools to strengthen differentiation, focusing on using choice boards in the classroom. Return to your classroom ready to engage and empower students to take ownership of their learning. 

This program is designed for teachers and instructional coaches in grades 4-9.

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Math and Literacy for Early Childhood Learners

276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee 28723

Strengthen your math and literacy teaching strategies for early childhood learners. Join NCCAT for a collaborative program focused on best practices for literacy and math in the pre-K and kindergarten classrooms. Sessions will include conceptual strategies for counting, building number sense, alphabetic knowledge, and phonological awareness. These sessions will focus on foundational skills for reaching our beginning learners in both math and reading.

Writing in the Secondary English Classroom program from NCCAT Registration Open

Writing well allows students to process and organize their thoughts and feelings and to communicate effectively with a range of audiences. Writing well is also one of the most difficult skills to teach, and many find the task overwhelming. The grading alone taxes the commitment of even the best of our profession. In this program, we will examine ways to write and how best to introduce various writing techniques to your students while providing useful, timely feedback.

2021-22 Kenan Fellows begin year at NCCAT in Cullowhee

276 NCCAT Drive, Cullowhee 28723

NCCAT was honored to host the 2021-22 Kenan Fellows at our Cullowhee Campus as they came together for the first time June 21-26. The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership offers a wide variety of immersive summer work experiences for K-12 public and charter school teachers in North Carolina. The summer internship is the centerpiece of the program and is supported by a series of professional learning institutes designed and facilitated by a faculty of Kenan Fellows alumni.

NCCAT host orientation for first Call Me MiSTER cohort

NCCAT was honored to host the first Western Carolina University Call Me MiSTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) orientation in Cullowhee. The purpose of the program is to increase the pool of available male teachers of color in the Western Carolina region and across the state of North Carolina. The first orientation took place June 18th at the NCCAT campus in Cullowhee.