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Behavior Management Resources

Video Resources: How to talk to a hostile student

* Video: Three Voices  * Book: "Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children's Learning"

Video Resources: Four reasons why your students misbehave

* It's not the students. It's the Teacher  * The problem is not discipline

Video Resources: Building teacher-student relationships

* Video: Every Kid Needs a Champion  * 10 Ways to Build Productive Relationships with Students  * Ruby Payne's website

Video Resources: How to call a parent

* Child Voice? Parent Voice? Encourage Planning with the Adult Voice  * Video: Rita Pierson: "My Mamma Said"  * Summary of Ruby Payne Chapter 7

Video Resources: Good manners are learned

* Cheers from Dr. Jean  * Teach Like a Champion (see technique No. 35)  * Whole brain teaching website

Video Resources: How you're losing seven weeks of instructional time

* Harry Wong Notes, Tips, and Tricks  * Harry Wong Website  * Whole brain teaching website

Video Resources: I don't have time to teach transitions

* Video: Choregraphing transitions  * Questions to ask yourself when planning transition  * Transition planning

Video: Sources of student misbehavior

* Blog post: Sometimes misbehavior is not what it seems

Video: Why you need classroom procedures

* Harry Wong Notes, Tips, and Tricks

Video: Establishing boundaries

* Refocus directions for students  * Refocus slip for students

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