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NCCAT BTOY Overview:


1. Honor beginning teachers

2. Retain excellent teachers in both the profession and NC public schools

3. Encourage all NC school districts to celebrate 1st year teachers as a method of retention

4. Build relationships with districts and schools in North Carolina


NCCAT BTOY Eligibility Requirements:

Nomination by your school district or charter

1. Successful completion of 1st year of teaching in a NC public school.

2. Continued employment in the same school district or charter school for 2nd year.

3. Met minimum full year of teaching as determined by NC Department of Public Instruction.

4. Lateral entry experience and Teach for America experience meet requirements.

5. Must teach students directly for at least 70% of the time.


NCCAT BTOY Portfolio Requirements:

1. Completed application, including:

  • Information form
  • Two essays completed by the nominee
  • Two essays completed by administrator, mentor, colleague, or parent/ guardian
  • Three letters of recommendation