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Begin 2015 with professional development at NCCAT

We hope you have a very happy Holiday Season, and we've got some great ways to hit 2015 running with professional development with us in Cullowhee or Ocracoke or Online. NCCAT’s vision is to help North Carolina teachers grow in knowledge, skills, compassion, and professionalism so that every student becomes engaged, self-motivated, and successful. NCCAT helps to retain the most caring, highly qualified, and skilled teachers necessary to positively impact the quality of public education in North Carolina. Dedicated to enriching the professional lives of our state’s public school teachers, NCCAT provides support for the entire spectrum of their teaching career. Here's a look at a few of the options for you in the upcoming new year ...

Jan. 11-15 join us for "Supporting the Literacy of Gifted Children in the Early Grades" in Ocracoke.

This program will bring together teachers of AIG students with experts in the field of gifted education. Join us at NCCAT as we explore the policies and practices of AIG expectations, create ways to challenge these gifted children, enhance their literacy needs, and encourage them toward continual intellectual growth.

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Jan. 12-15 our Daylong programs from Western North Carolina teachers begins with Early Grades Literacy and Digital Learning Resources for Secondary Schools!

At NCCAT we know that the beginning of the new year is one of the worst times to be out of your classroom for an entire week. Yet this is also the best time to implement new instructional and managerial strategies. In an effort to provide just-in-time professional development opportunities that create minimal scheduling stress for as many teachers as possible, we are offering a complement of one-day sessions:

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Join us for Catching up with your students: Digital Learning Jan. 20-23 and Jan. 26-30 in Ocracoke.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Web 2.0, text messaging, Instagram, video conferencing, music downloading, video games, and online social networking communities—our students live in a digital world, with the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. How can we catch up with them? Enter this world and acquire skills needed to navigate the ebb and flow of the digital age. Learn to facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools. Empower all students by developing technology-enriched learning experiences. Gain confidence and skill in accessing information as you integrate technology seamlessly into your curriculum. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. Capitalize on your students’ excitement and guide them on a safe, legal, and ethical journey into the digital universe.

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Tuesday, Jan. 20 in Cullowhee is another great daylong program - Digital Learning and Resources for Elementary Schools

This after-school session (3–5 p.m.) will focus upon the best research-based practices for integrating digital apps and web-based resources into the K–5 classroom. Special focus will be given to device-based platforms; polling applications; sources for vetting apps and websites; and overcoming obstacles to digital learning. Teachers who pre-register in a timely fashion will be able to guide the direction of the sessions by responding to pre-course polling.

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The final week of January is Hands-On Activities to Engage Students in Early Grades Literacy and Beyond. Both are in Cullowhee.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that to become expert at anything requires about 10,000 hours of practice. Unfortunately, our struggling readers will never make that investment of time if they hate what they are asked to do. Participants in this day-long program will learn how to transform worksheets, fluency practice, and other solo efforts into engaging activities that still reinforce essential literacy skills. The agenda for each “Hands-on Literacy Activities” daylong program (9am to 3pm) is the same. Sign up for only one. Teachers at the K–5 grade levels are encouraged to attend.

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And we've created useful content for you in an easily accessible format through NCCAT Online!

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