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NCCAT alumnus featured in article

We were excited to read about NCCAT alumnus Joshua Gaskill in this recent article from the New Bern Journal Sun. The story begins ...

"Students in Joshua Gaskill’s history class find out quickly that his plan is about more than just memorizing dates and events.

He wants them to know the story behind the historical line scores and to give thought to how events even hundreds of years ago relate to today’s world.

His own story is compelling – a 2003 Pamlico graduate who looked at engineering and medicine before settling on a career as an educator.

“I tell my students, you don’t have be richest person out there,” he said. “You don’t have to be a doctor or a lawyer to make an impact. Then I tell them my story of how I chased down these big dreams, big jobs and it (course work) left me unfulfilled.”

Click here for more of the article.

Joshua attended NCCAT's program "Teaching the Holocaust: Resources and Reflection" and wrote about the experience. Click here to read more.

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