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Blending Learning Experience with Teachers in Ocracoke

Thank you to these educators for their work during "A Blended Learning Experience" in Ocracoke. This program offered a different way to introduce and read books with students. Participants took part in a book immersion as a group and learned how to put together a book immersion for students in the science classroom.

Blended learning offers teachers the opportunity to reimagine teaching and learning. Teachers can partner with their students to assess, track, and reflect on learning. With integrated face-to-face and online learning experiences, students can dive deeper into a subject area through reading.

Using an LMS (ex. Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.), teachers will add content to an online course to help students connect with the book in a more meaningful way. Videos, music, poetry, art, images, discussion boards, journals, articles, news clips, author interviews, and various web tools will show students the connection between what is being read and what is being reflected in the world. A book immersion will allow students to explore a concept from different perspectives for better understanding.


Redesigning how books are presented and read to students in a blended learning classroom encourages students to take ownership of their learning journeys. It also allows teachers to feel energized and effective in hooking students into reading and interest in science.