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Edutopia: 3 steps to make 2015 epic

Welcome to 2015! Are you looking for ways to make this the best year ever? Here's some help from edutopia ...

"You don't accidentally climb Mt. Everest. People who set out to ascend that peak often make it to the top. Some don't. But I promise this: if you don't try to climb Mt. Everest, you won't.

You don't accidentally have an awesome year. You don't accidentally learn something new (not usually, anyway). People who put themselves in the position to learn end up learning.

St. Jerome says, "Begin to be now what you will be hereafter."

Put yourself in a position to make 2015 epic. But first, you'll have to get up the gumption. Gumption is a word we use in the southern U.S. although it's of Scottish origin. It means "spirited initiative." It can also mean resourcefulness. Let's make it simple. Here are three steps for getting up your gumption to achieve greatness this year."

Click here for three tips to make 2015 epic. Good luck!

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