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Reading Foundation's Training in Cullowhee at NCCAT

The Reading Foundation’s six day training is taking place this week in Cullowhee at NCCAT. It will provide teachers with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills needed to deliver effective reading instruction to all students. It also will increase their understanding of reading difficulties and their ability to help struggling readers succeed. In this course teachers are introduced to the knowledge, skills and procedures needed to provide effective instruction for students with persistent reading difficulties. The principles, techniques, methods, and strategies presented in this program are based on research-validated instructional strategies. Through this program teachers must assess students and plan a comprehensive series of daily instructional lessons which include explicit instructional procedures, activities and materials for teaching phonemic awareness, letter-sound associations, word identification, spelling, reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The program will provide teachers with a strong understanding of what it takes to build an individualized reading instruction program that will have a direct effect on the academic performance of their students. The completion of this course will qualify the participant to obtain 5 CEUs or 3 hours of Graduate Level Credit through Mars Hill University. Information will be provided at the start of the session.


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